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Prophecy of Ro
GuildDaosheenSuchunSullonAyonae Ro
Exiles of Agnarr4/9/20204/9/20204/9/20204/14/2020
Eastern Coalition4/14/20204/14/20204/14/20204/17/2020

Depths of Darkhollow
GuildSendaiiVuleDemi T1Demi T2Mayong
The Final Crusade2/24/2020
Eastern Coalition2/13/20202/16/20202/23/20202/25/20202/27/2020
Exiles of Agnarr3/4/2020
Hello Darkness3/10/2020

Dragons of Norrath
Eastern Coalition12/20/201912/20/201912/19/201912/20/2019
The Final Crusade12/19/201912/19/201912/19/201912/20/201912/20/2019
Hello Darkness12/19/201912/19/201912/19/201912/19/201912/26/2019

Omens of War

Epic 2.0

Gates of Discord

Planes of Power

Shadows of Luclin

Scars of Velious

Ruins of Kunark

Epic 1.0